Kharkiv attractions

The oldest, the highest and most great sights of Kharkov

As you can often hear from the people, they do not know their city and especially many have no idea about what points of interest are hardly the peers of our city, which buildings are the highest which institutions are the most large and old?

In this article we offer a few interesting facts about the very Kharkov.

So, where should start? Probably from the old location in Kharkov.

The oldest building in the city, and at the same time one of old to this day churches in Kharkov diocese, is St. Basil’s Cathedral. A wooden Church was built five years after the founding of the city in 1659. In 1689 on the site of a wooden Church there the stone Church of the intercession — the main Shrine of the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. Today the “x frames of the Holy virgin is the oldest building Slobodskoy Kray” .

But concerning the old building of Kharkiv sometimes share places of worship and public buildings. In view of this separation, the oldest building for public use is the provincial Palace, which was built in 1777, once served as the main building of Kharkiv Imperial University, and now it is the building of the Ukrainian engineering pedagogical Academy.

In addition it is worth noting that among the “guarded” Kharkov is a small one-storey manor house of the mayor Egor Uryupin, who served as the mayor of Kharkiv, from 1799 to 1805. This building of the late XVIII century is considered the oldest dwelling house in the city.

The controversy surrounding the tallest building of the Kharkov tochilas during the twentieth century, but the XXI century has brought some adjustments.

Prior to the beginning of the XXI century the tallest building in the city, as well as the highest point in Kharkov, due to the height of 88,9 m, was Alexander bell tower of the Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary. which was built in 1844 in memory of Alexander I and the victory in the Patriotic war of 1812. However, with the rapid construction of skyscrapers in the city Alexander bell tower lost its status.

The first who took the steeple of the title of the tallest building was the House of state industry . — the first Soviet skyscraper, which till today retains the status of the tallest building in the city. It’s hard to believe, but the height of the derzhprom, considered together with the TV tower (built in 1955), is equal to 108 meters.

The tallest residential building in Kharkiv today is a residential complex “Monte Plaza”. which is located on Lenin Avenue, 41/1. Central house complex — residential complex “Monte Plaza” 2 — is the tallest residential building with a height of 103 meters. “Monte-Plaza”1 and 3 have a height of 101 meters.

The tallest building in Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region is considered to be pipe CHP-5, reaching 330 meters in height.

The oldest higher educational institutions of Kharkiv is Karazin national University of name of Vasiliy Karazin. at the time of the founding in 1804, bore the name of Kharkiv Imperial University. KhNU named after V. N. Karazin Kharkiv national University is the oldest classical University in the Ukrainian part of the Russian Empire, as well as the oldest classical University of modern Ukraine as Lviv University in the classical format University started functioning only in 1817.

However, despite the noble lineage of the Kharkov national University is the biggest University of Kharkiv. The largest University by number of students is the national technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” which trains more than 22 thousand students.

By the way it should be noted that in KhNU named after V. N. Karazin is trained far less — about 15 thousand students.

The oldest theatres of Kharkov of the existing is considered the Kharkiv national Opera and ballet theatre. Lysenko, which was founded in 1925 on the basis of the private Opera theatre, which operated from 1880. In the building of Jatoba the theatre moved until 1991, when it was opened the great hall.

But the oldest of the Kharkiv theater is inaugurated in 1908 by the Bommer brothers French the first permanent cinema in the Russian Empire. With the advent of Soviet power the theatre was renamed to “Sustr”. Today, the old theater is the historical name of “Bommer”.

In Kharkiv a lot of monuments and among them there are a few pre-revolutionary instances. So, the oldest monument is the bust of Alexander Pushkin in the square of Poetry. The bust is the work of Edwards was erected on a pedestal in may 1904.

Almost the same age as him — a monument to Karazin Vasyl Nazarovych was prepared in 1904, however, in connection with revolutionary events in the Russian Empire, the opening of the monument was postponed. The monument stood three years beyond the wooden fence, Kharkov could only admire the visible hand of Vasily Nazarovich. The city authorities did not dare to open a monument to the end of the revolution, as he feared that ” a solemn meeting of the student body in honor of the opening of the monument to their teacher could turn into a real riot, backed by a revolutionary sentiment “. Boards were removed only in 1907.

A bit younger Karazin monument is the bust of Nikolai Gogol. also belonging to the hand of the author of the bust of Pushkin — Eduards. The monument was opened in 1909.

The highest monument of the city is the monument to Vladimir Lenin. the height of 20.2 meters. The tallest monuments of Kharkov also include the Soldier-liberator on August 23, the monument of Taras Shevchenko. work Manizer, as well as the Independence monument — nick on the Constitution square.

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