Prehistoric wonder

Prehistoric miracle or how to begin the history of architecture
Thomas Hardy
Tess d’Erbervill killed her seducer. She runs to Angel Clare. The clouds seemed to be hovering over his head, it was dark. In the dark, they nearly ran into some giant structure. Single colonies were completely alone, others were connected with stone slabs, and the majority was on the ground.
Thomas Hardy led the heroes of his famous novel to the ruins of Stonehenge – an ancient mysterious buildings, located not far from London.
Traveling letom 1882 in Brittany, Maupassant saw a field dotted with stones of Karnak. The stones seemed to be alive, “the giant, the tiny, square, oblong, flat, like skinny or big-bellied body. Among them are lost.” This is also a mysterious constructions of the Stone Age, only in France.
Megaliths (translated as “big rocks” or, more precisely, “the construction of large stones”) are scattered over a huge area of ​​our planet, all over the world except Australia. They can be seen in England, France, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Asia Minor, Palestine, East and North Africa, India, Indonesia, Laos, Burma, China, Korea and Japan. They are found mainly in the coastal areas. They can be seen in the Caucasus, in Abkhazia. Once they have been widely distributed in the Kuban. They were erected in the time of the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age, in the III – II millennium BC, in some Continue reading

The most ancient city of the world

The most ancient city of the world

Which city can rightly be considered the oldest in the world? A definite answer to this question, scientists can’t give today. However, there are few cities that can add to the list the oldest on the planet. About them we’ll talk further.

Jericho (Palestine)

Scientists around the world agree that the Jericho can be called the oldest city in the world. It is assumed that the date of its Foundation is the year 9000 BC. Surprisingly, in this city, which stands on the river Jordan (or rather, on its Western Bank), and today is home to over 20,000 residents. Jericho stands out on the background of the desert surround it with fresh greenery and colorful picturesque scenery. The abundance of greenery within the city due to the presence of underground springs and rivers of water that flow down from the surrounding mountains here in the winter.

Jericho can be called not only the oldest, but also one of the hottest cities on the planet. And all thanks to the tropical climate prevailing in its territory. Here you can see many attractions, among which are the springs of Elisha, the Church of the virgin Mary, the house of the harlot Rahab, and other structures.

Jbeil (Lebanon)

The ancient city of Byblos was founded by the Phoenicians about 5000 year BC. It is located on the Mediterranean coast and stands out Continue reading

The most mysterious ancient buildings

The most mysterious ancient buildings

We still can not comprehend some of the mysteries left by the ancestors. Such mysteries include the mystical ancient buildings, which we describe. The pyramids of Giza are the youngest and the most studied of this series.

The stone circles of Göbekli Tepe, Turkey

Gobekli Tepe is one of the oldest structures in the world. His age is about 12,000 years old! It was once believed that the most ancient and advanced civilization – Egyptian, but a temple complex in Turkey that makes us look at history with different eyes. It is unknown as 12 thousand years ago, people who did not know the wheel, could build such amazing buildings. This makes Göbekli Tepe one of the most important archaeological finds in the world.

Gobekli Tepe is a Neolithic temples in the form of stone circles, lying on the top of the ridge. They are composed of well-polished and fitted stones. Circles reach 30 meters in diameter, and within each of them is T-shaped sculpture, on which you can see carved in stone images of animals and birds. The existence of this amazing building was known in the 1960s, however, archaeologists began to conduct more rigorous research only in 1994.

Near the Neolithic temples Continue reading

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