Megalithic structures in Turkey and Russia

Megalithic structures in Turkey and Russia

On our planet, archaeologists discovered a huge number of unusual buildings, creators and scientists today virtually unknown. For example, these megaliths are constructions of huge stone blocks, which occur frequently both in Turkey and in southern Russia.

The oldest megalithic structures in the world is a complex of Göbekli Tepe, located in southeastern Turkey. This building was created 9.5 thousand years BC She is 5.5 years older than the first cities of Mesopotamia and 7 thousand years of Stonehenge.

First of Göbekli Tepe were examined in 1963. However, archaeologists have underestimated its value. Only years later the expedition under the direction of Klaus Schmidt dug up a magnificent ancient temple. Unfortunately, the upper part of the temple was destroyed before it was examined by scientists. The fact is that on the hill, in the which is the temple complex, was located in a field of oats. And peasants were removed from the field prevented them bulky stones, not even knowing that they are thousands of years old.

Modern research on the hill are a little more than ten years. Near the circular building of the sanctuary archaeologists have found several smaller buildings, probably for religious purposes.

Although the scientists were released from under the mound is only a part of Göbekli Tepe, it is already clear that the sanctuary possessed an unusually large size. The building was from four different temples, enclosed by a low stone wall. Especially interesting T-shaped monoliths with partially preserved reliefs with images of birds, gazelles, bulls, boars, snakes and spiders. Some of the posts are icons.

Meanwhile, the purpose of Göbekli Tepe, who built for his people and remains unclear. It is unclear that these religious buildings were not only abandoned but literally buried in the ground. This explains their good condition. But what made ancient builders to fill the massive building, with magnificent reliefs and today remains a mystery.

No less mysteries contain megalithic structures of the Krasnodar region of Russia. In the North-Western Caucasus in the 4th-3rd rd Millennium BC there was a mysterious civilization, whose inhabitants had built a strange megalithic structures – dolmens. Outwardly, they look like little houses with a round hole in the wall, where each wall can weigh tens of tons. So, one plate of housereplica dolmen-the giant has a size of 2.45 meters in length, 2.1 meters in height at a thickness of 57 inches. In stone holes with a diameter of 48 inches and attached is a stone tube, which weighs about 100 pounds.

Meanwhile, during the excavations of dolmens or the tools or technical devices, which were built these megalithic structures.

About the creators of these structures to the historians also not known. Scientist known only to the ancient Adyghe traditions of pigmy people using hares for riding, which the giants built their houses of stones.

Despite the distance that separates the Turkish from Russian megaliths dolmens, all the buildings have a number of unexplained mysteries. So, it is unclear what forced the people inhabiting the territory of modern Turkey and southern Russia to start to build similar to each other buildings.

Today, among scholars there is still no consensus about the purposes for which the dolmens were built. If we assume that the dolmens — burial structures, then why is it so rare archaeological finds during excavation? Why most of the finds in the dolmens belong to a later archaeological cultures?

And there is another mystery. So, it is unclear why the ancient dolmens in their design are the most progressive. What is the cause of regression of historical architecture? Scientists still can’t explain.

In the scientific world there is the opinion according to which the wide distribution of dolmens along the marine coast suggests that “the idea of” dolmen brought on the black sea coast from the outside – the peoples, their historical homeland which was never the Caucasus.

With respect to the appointment of megaliths, most of them, according to scientists, were used for burials or were connected with funerary cult. Other complexes of megaliths was used to determine the time of astronomical events such as solstice and equinox.

It is clear that the construction of such huge facilities were of primitive technology huge challenge and required combining large masses of people about the culture and values which scientists are not yet known. However, studies conducted in Turkey and Russia today allow us to Express the hope that the veil of the mystery of the world’s history one day everything will be open.

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