Nicholas Cathedral in Kiev

Nicholas Cathedral in Kiev. The Catholic Church and the national house of organ and chamber music in the same building

The first impression of an architectural work may be associated with the fact that You have moved in space and time. The building of the Gothic style in the business center of Kiev – not a common occurrence… Unusual forms of construction solutions instantly attracts attention. Maybe You have a speculation that this is the castle, the temple, or, for example, a theater… What is it actually? We will talk further.

The history of the Church of St. Nicholas has lasted for more than a century. The opening and lighting of the Cathedral took place in 1909. The construction lasted 10 years. 3D layout of the Roman-Catholic Church of St. Nicholas

By the end of the NINETEENTH century the Polish community of Kyiv has increased to approximately 40 thousand people. Alexander’s Church, built earlier, it could not hold on main religious holidays, you need a number of believers. The Polish nobility have a desire to build a second Church in Kiev. Despite the lack of support from the tsarist Russia, the Polish community managed to convince the governors to implement it. Was collected, at that time, a huge amount of donations of $ 500 thousand. Project competition winner was a young architect S. V. Valovsky. because Of his inexperience revision and control of the construction process was entrusted to the architect V. V. Gorodetsky. Eminent master altered the original design, inspired by the famous such as Votivkirche in Vienna. During the construction were used the most modern technology. Construction was the use of reinforced concrete. Project engineer A. E. Straus has applied the innovative system of Foundation of concrete piles. For interior and exterior decoration invited the best foreign specialists and designers.

Nicholas Church in Kiev, made in the style of medieval Gothic. Emphasize its stained glass and sculptural forms that adorn the facade.

After the revolution in 1917 the Church.Nicholas was closed by the Bolsheviks. Later the structure was used as a warehouse.

During the great Patriotic war the Cathedral was severely damaged by fire. Soon the temple after a small restoration was made in the Kiev regional archive.

In the 1970s, the building of the Kyiv St. Nicholas Catholic Church became interested in the founder of the Ukrainian organ school Arseny Kotlyarevsky. The acoustics impressed by this talented musician. After lobbying by the organist of the initiative to create a concert hall in the Church was based, Republican house of organ and chamber music.

Czech company “Rieger-Kloss” created not having analogues in the world body, designed specially for St. Nicholas Catholic Church, given the characteristics of the room. Before the production of the company’s employees made measurements of the acoustic and geometrical parameters of the temple. Organ-pipes made of precious wood and metal. The total number of pipes in the organ – 3846. “The king of musical instruments” was assembled and thoroughly tested at the factory, disassembled, transported in parts and reassembled and installed in Kiev.

To learn more about the past, to hear and see the body You can from interesting video film about Nicholas Church in Kiev:

Today the national house of organ and chamber music operates simultaneously with the Catholic Church. The concerts sound body in addition to piano, violin, cello, flute, harpsichord and other musical instruments. The program presents works of modern and legendary composers: Bach, Handel, Chopin, Mozart, etc., the Billboard, schedule, and additional photos of the Church, see the official website e National house of organ and chamber music.

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