Strictly and majestic

Strictly and majestic / the organ in a Gothic Cathedral

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Many years were going to go to an organ concert in the Catholic Cathedral of Yalta. But something all the time not worked. Failed to get to Kiev Church. And it so happened that, completely unexpectedly for myself I found this huge Gothic Cathedral in Moscow.

So it was interesting. Walking down the street, around the most ordinary houses, interspersed with yellowing of the October trees, grey sky predsmertnoe. And suddenly this uniformity sharp movement vreset spire. No, near the Cathedral is even more magnificent: many of the towers, staring at the sky… But the first impression is always the strongest.

Bought a ticket to the concert, went. Tall light arches supported by thin columns, beautiful window-stained glass, artfully illuminated the silhouette of the crucifixion above the altar… And that’s all! And nothing that entertained the eye. If I had to describe the feeling in two words, it is: strictly and majestic.

The body was located above the entrance and the bench (don’t know how they’re called) turned to the altar. The concert itself is unusual: as the body behind, “on stage”, nothing happens. And you look at one point, and behind the music.

Trying to describe it in words – it is, in General, ungrateful. Continue reading

The mysteries of the ancient giants

The mysteries of the ancient giants. The Megaliths Of Malta

When people talk about the megaliths, I immediately think of Stonehenge in England, Newgrange in Ireland or Carnac in France, although the most ancient megalithic structures located on a small Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean sea. They are notable for the fact that, as a rule, are not in isolation, but form huge complexes — the cromlechs.

Calypso, who lived on Gozo island and has captured Odysseus, Roman patricians, conducted in Malta, the summer, the Apostle Paul, who converted its people to Christianity, environmental devastation, the Saracens, the crusaders, the Hospitallers, the pirates would get it later. Until then, Malta and Gozo — green Islands with countless groves and fields, including towering giant mysterious structures.

The oldest of the Maltese megaliths Ggantija is located to the North-East of the island of Gozo. It was built around 3400-3000 BC (All dates were obtained using radiocarbon Dating, but maybe someday we will find a better one, and who knows how many years then will these stone giants.)

The word of Ggantija means “huge, huge” or “giant” and very suitable to the megalith. It consists of two separate temple with different inputs, but the overall rear Continue reading

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

The roof of the temple of Hathor striking power overlaps several layers of blocks, reaching tens of tons in weight. A return visit has only strengthened the use of its Central part, protruding from the lower perimeter, as the landing site for any aircraft.

Doubt in creating this temple only during the New Kingdom create not only a powerful covering blocks. On a much more advanced age indicate, for example, rainwater, which in the dry climate of Egypt in this area at this time was completely meaningless. On the roof, these gutters look just through-holes in the surrounding walls, and the outside is decorated with figures of lions.

Quite a long period of meditation called the traces of tools on blocks of dense Sandstone, from which it is made overlap the roof of the temple of Hathor. Like the traces of an ordinary chisel, and seems to indicate manual processing. But… why in some places they are so rare? And why in one place it was required to do a lot of kicks in a row, moving in a fairly easy to process Sandstone at one time a very small distance?

They can be compared with traces of a small jackhammer… or imitation handmade. For example, as simulated by the same handwork on the blocks Continue reading

Mysterious Mexican pyramids of Teotihuacan

Mysterious Mexican pyramid of Teotihuacan

About the famous Egyptian pyramids know everything, and many there have already visited: close to them and even inside (especially in the last fifteen years, thanks to tours). But few people remember, or may not know that in addition to the Egyptian pyramids in the world still exist pyramids of ancient Aztec and Mayan tribes, located on the territory of modern Mexico.

Even in the II – I century BC in the Americas in the center of the territory of Mesoamerica, which later became Mexico, originated the ancient city of Teotihuacan, which is inhabited by different tribes, the largest of which were the Aztecs. The city had a strategic location in the valley, which gave access to an excellent system of lakes in the Valley of Mexico, alongside a valley of Puebla and had access to the coast of Veracruz. Initially, the city occupied an area of ​​6 square kilometers with a population of about 10 thousand people. In later centuries, the city grew to its peak in the IV-VI centuries BC had a population of about 125 thousand people, and to the adjacent settlement of nearly 200 thousand.

From an architectural point of view, the city was a grand monumental ensemble of temples, palaces, plazas, the porch, the dais, the wide streets and avenues, stone houses with high fences, walls of temples were decorated with Continue reading

Kharkiv attractions

The oldest, the highest and most great sights of Kharkov

As you can often hear from the people, they do not know their city and especially many have no idea about what points of interest are hardly the peers of our city, which buildings are the highest which institutions are the most large and old?

In this article we offer a few interesting facts about the very Kharkov.

So, where should start? Probably from the old location in Kharkov.

The oldest building in the city, and at the same time one of old to this day churches in Kharkov diocese, is St. Basil’s Cathedral. A wooden Church was built five years after the founding of the city in 1659. In 1689 on the site of a wooden Church there the stone Church of the intercession — the main Shrine of the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. Today the “x frames of the Holy virgin is the oldest building Slobodskoy Kray” .

But concerning the old building of Kharkiv sometimes share places of worship and public buildings. In view of this separation, the oldest building for public use is the provincial Palace, which was built in 1777, once served as the main building of Kharkiv Imperial University, and now it is the building of the Ukrainian engineering pedagogical Academy.

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