Puerta de Haya Brand

Puerta de Haya Mark. One of the most mysterious places on Earth

The place Puerta de Haya Brand running countless stories. For many decades, the place remains a subject of research of scientists and archaeologists. According to the beliefs, this place is a portal through which you can transported into another dimension. According to some, the object is a “star gate”.

What actually are these monumental gate, carved into the rock? They consist of two parts: the first is external, has the same width and height, 7 metres; the second is inside, two meters high, one meter wide and 50 cm deep. This mysterious place is located in Peru, near the city of Pune on the banks of lake Titicaca, and was discovered by accident.

These gates are found Jose Luis Delgado Mamani while searching for interesting places that would be suitable for climbing. What is most interesting is the fact that the place appeared frequently in his dreams. However, in his visions, it looked a little different, but the General characteristics are similar. In my dreams Mamani saw the road that led to the mysterious gate, they were covered with pink marble. Of the same material were made and statues along the road. In the middle of the gate was supposed to be a shimmering tunnel.

After this discovery, the site was carefully researched by many experts in the field of archeology and culture of the Incas. Based on the performed tests, scientists have to the conclusion that the gate was carved from a single rock block powerful, and the smaller of them is a small hollow. In addition, it was found that the area adjacent to the gate, was once a town, as indicated by the remains of the rocks, which look like buildings and facilities.

Interestingly, the conclusions of the experts linked to a legend that has been circling among the Peruvian Indians, and touches the element, which could mask the depression, placed in smaller out of the gate. It was supposed to be a disk, which serves as a key to the gate and was in the Shrine of the so-called “Seven rays”. According to this idea, during the raids of the Spaniards in Peru, there lived a priest Aram Mom, who at any cost wanted to protect the said disc, called by some the “key of the gods”, from its capture by the Spaniards. To save, he took him out of the temple “the Seven rays”, and then have long disappeared in the mountains surrounding the city Haya Mark.

After a time, the priest decided to go to the gate. There, after the mysterious rituals, the shaman put the disc in the correct place, located in smaller doors. The gate opened and the priest walked in. As legend has it, he never out more not vyhodil.

About the unusual nature of the gate today prove interesting reports of people who visit this place. According to reports, after touching a low gate in the vicinity of the depression one can feel the flow of energy. Some witnesses claimed that they were accompanied by visions, in which they observed the stars and pillars of fire, and heard the music. Others saw in the rock tunnel, although detailed studies have not revealed its presence at rock the block, from which gate.

In addition, the location of this place proves its uniqueness, because the earth energy it connects with five other places, the location of which is cross-shaped. All these places are in the immediate vicinity of lake Titicaca. One such place is the gate of the sun in Tiahuanaco.

Gate of the Sun in Tiahuanaco

It should be noted that in this area manifests itself and UFOs. There saw the objects of spherical shape, emitting blue light that is linked with another Indian legend in which the gods return to Earth, passing through a “Stargate”.

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