Records Of Malta

Records Of Malta

Maltese little. However, they managed to consolidate many of the highest world achievements.

Ancient structures

The most hyped topic of the most ancient structures on the planet, listed in the Guinness book of records. In this popular publication States, verbatim:

The oldest free-standing structures in the world are now believed to be the megalithic temples at Mgarr and Skorba temples in Malta and Ggantija in Gozo dating from c. 3250 BC.

The Guinness Book of Records 1988. The World’s Structures, the Earliest structures.

In Russian something like this:

It is believed that the oldest Autonomous structures on Earth are the megalithic temples of Mgarr and the Sorrow in Malta and in Gozo Ggantija related about the year 3250 BC.

Other records less well known but no less interesting.


Malta has long and firmly holds the first place in the world in consumption of rabbit meat. The average Maltese eats in a year about 10 kilograms of rabbit meat.


Malta ranks first among countries where the highest percentage of children obese. [source]

Population density

Not a record, but definitely a notable achievement: Malta ranks fourth in the world in population density among independent States (1261 persons/km 2 ). Its just behind Monaco (16620 persons/km 2 ), Singapore (6389 persons/km 2 ) and the Vatican (2093 persons/km 2 ). [source]


As of December 2005, the Maltese Lira was worth 2.33 Euro and was ranked second among the most expensive currencies of the world – between Kuwait (2.89 Euro) and Bahraini (2.24 Euro) dinarama. [source]


Maltese language belongs to the Semitic group and is one of the dialects of Arabic (Tunisian almost identical). The Semitic group includes dozens of languages, and among them only Maltese uses the Latin alphabet. [source]

The Church

Data vary, but it is believed that the domes of the churches in the cities Xewkija (Xewkija, Gozo ) and mosta (Mosta, Malta ) in size occupy 3rd and 4th places respectively. Says who – Europe, who – in the world.


The darkest beer in the world is Lacto Milk Stout the Maltese manufacturing plant Persons. The colour of this variety – 450 EBC. For comparison, Guinness Draught has the chromaticity of 130 EBC. [source]


The most successful athlete of Malta – Tony Drago snookered. He owns a whopping 4 records in this popular game – the fastest party (3 min, 1988), the fastest “century break” (series of 100 or more points) – (3 min 31 sec. 1996), the quickest match of 9 parties (34 minutes, 1993), the fastest match of the 17 parties (81 min, 1990). Along with Ronnie O’sullivan he shared another record – the fastest match of 25 batches (167 minutes 33 sec, 1996). However, Tony, this match lost with a score of 4-13. [source]


At Fort Rinella (Rinella Battery ) is cannon. It was designed and built by sir William Armstrong in the late nineteenth century, and for its time it was the largest such weapon. This so-called 100-ton gun, in which the kernel is done through the barrel. The caliber of the barrel – 17.72 inch, length – 10 meters, the total weight is 152 tons. Gun capable of firing 1-ton charge at a distance of 3 miles. However, the weapon was never used for its intended purpose. [source]


Residents Fgura (Fgura) ranks first in the world in incidence rates of hay fever.

Women’s rights

Malta is the only European country in which both prohibited and divorce, and abortion. Moreover, in March 2006 Malta has opened the world’s first monument dedicated to unborn children .


World “index of satisfaction of own life”, created on the basis of a survey of various population groups regarding their perception of the surrounding life and his own position, shows that the highest percentage of happy people living in Malta (74% the inhabitants of the archipelago consider themselves happy).

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