Strictly and majestic

Strictly and majestic / the organ in a Gothic Cathedral

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Many years were going to go to an organ concert in the Catholic Cathedral of Yalta. But something all the time not worked. Failed to get to Kiev Church. And it so happened that, completely unexpectedly for myself I found this huge Gothic Cathedral in Moscow.

So it was interesting. Walking down the street, around the most ordinary houses, interspersed with yellowing of the October trees, grey sky predsmertnoe. And suddenly this uniformity sharp movement vreset spire. No, near the Cathedral is even more magnificent: many of the towers, staring at the sky… But the first impression is always the strongest.

Bought a ticket to the concert, went. Tall light arches supported by thin columns, beautiful window-stained glass, artfully illuminated the silhouette of the crucifixion above the altar… And that’s all! And nothing that entertained the eye. If I had to describe the feeling in two words, it is: strictly and majestic.

The body was located above the entrance and the bench (don’t know how they’re called) turned to the altar. The concert itself is unusual: as the body behind, “on stage”, nothing happens. And you look at one point, and behind the music.

Trying to describe it in words – it is, in General, ungrateful. to recommend to the organ in the recording. Moreover, I’ve listened to a lot (I think the largest in our country), authority in the Tchaikovsky hall . But only in the present Gothic Cathedral instrument sounds with all their might.

Some time later I caught a certain pattern of construction of works for organ. First tube bundle roar, abruptly changing the air trills of small pipes soar somewhere under the arches. The sounds are repeatedly reflected from the walls of a very complex configuration, and even when the body ceases, for a long time it sounds nothing like the echo.

The last chords of the works generally shake their power. I first heard the infrasound, which could not play any subwoofer known to me .

The concert was one super-room. Along with the organ duet played oboe . For those who don’t know is a tune with a fairly low velvety sound (but not like a saxophone). If you have heard of Ennio Morricone – that in many of his compositions it is the oboe soloist. The combination of these tools truly unexpected.

First song I listen to very carefully. The second, slightly mournful, begin to fall asleep. But to sleep, of course, impossible – and therefore you are in some kind of half-asleep, and the music upon you pouring. The state looks like some sort of a trance. And open my eyes in front of you, the crucifix on the backdrop of the majestic walls of the Cathedral.

I know very little about Catholicism. And about religion in General too little knowledge. I do not understand almost all the rituals happening in temples, of unknown purpose items in them. But it seems to me that in the Church people go to think, not to gawk at the beauty. Rather, beauty should be, but she must be strong, ambitious, not razmenivayas on the details. Perhaps that is why all the decoration of the temple remains outside. And inside is the absolute beauty of the arches, which is combined with metallic body. And equally magnificent music.

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