The Gothic quarter

The Gothic quarter

Woven from the labyrinth of mysterious streets, talansky ancient mansions, churches and merchants ‘ houses, the Gothic quarter of Barcelona with its ancient enchanting beauty every day attracts crowds of tourists. This place, or Barri Gotic, as it is called, remembers the end of the Roman Empire. Then he was not the heart of the Catalan capital, and the settlement of Barcino.

The most famous building in the quarter, is Barcelona Cathedral. The building has also another international name is the Cathedral of the Holy cross and Saint Eulalia. The architecture of the Cathedral combines Gothic and Catalan elements. At first glance, the building, like its relatives in other countries, it seems heavy and imposing, but upon closer inspection, you notice the smooth curve and the elegance of the ornament. From the dome of the Cathedral offers a wonderful view, magically opening the city from a different perspective.

In addition to the role of the architectural monument and tourist object the Cathedral and performs its job. Contrary to erroneous opinion, it is the Church of Barcelona, which are of primary importance.

In the Gothic quarter is not less interesting places to visit. For example, the plaça Sant Jaume, the main square of the quarter, which has preserved its historical view of the times of the Middle ages. there are buildings the city hall and the Parliament of Catalonia, components harmonious pair from an architectural point of view.

Also worth visiting is the area of the King and under her, the Museum of history of Barcelona. The last is notable because of its construction the city was secondary, and the building was moved in parts. In the basement of the Museum contains a unique collection of objects from Roman times.

For lovers of sculpture will be of interest to the Museum Frederic Mares, the famous sculptor, who gave Barcelona its extensive collection of archaeological antiquities.

Interesting to visit the Jewish quarter, which once lived only the Jews, subsequently expelled by the inhabitants of the city. Not far away are the famous four pillars that buttressed the temple of Augustus. Now from the sanctuary nothing was left, only the Roman columns that store the memory of it.

As each historic places, the Gothic quarter has its secrets. One such area is Pine, which actually consists of three areas. The tree itself is a symbol and the main value of the area. Of course, the pine, now growing on the area, not as old as the city, but according to the legend, when the first pine tree withered, the inhabitants did not want to part with their symbol and planted a new tree. This tradition is observed until today.

On this list, the attraction of the Gothic quarter finish. Here at every turn waiting for the guest of interest. Yes, and the Barri Gotic is an amazing place, worthy to spend a couple of days.

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