The Gothic quarter of Barcelona

The Gothic quarter of Barcelona

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Online video journey through the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

The oldest part of Barcelona – Gothic quarter. Currently the Gothic quarter is the most popular and favourite destination among tourists.

It’s hard to imagine acquaintance with Barcelona without visiting this place. Nowhere else will you find such clusters of buildings in the Gothic style. The Gothic quarter is sometimes called “Cathedral” because it is the Cathedral, a building that celebrates its history and beauty.

The Gothic quarter begins in the oldest area of Barcelona – Plaza Nova. Once there was the main market square of the city. The protection of medieval Barcelona were the city walls, some of which we can observe today in the form of two Roman towers on plaça Nova.

Roman tower is not the only attraction of this area. We can not say about the Episcopal Palace and the building of the College of Architects. The latter can not boast of a rich history since it was built in the 20th century, but it is noteworthy that the frieze of the exterior facade was made by Pablo Picasso.

Another famous building on the Plaza Nova Casa del Ardiaca, the house of the archdeacon. It includes the ancient Roman tower, and its rear wall is part of the ancient Roman walls. This building throughout its history has undergone various reconstructions, but because it combines Gothic and Renaissance elements.

Carrer del Bisbe soedinyaet Plaza Nova with another famous square, Plaza de San Jaume. In ancient times this place was the Roman Forum. Currently the square is located the two main administrative buildings of Catalonia, the town Hall and the Government Palace. The latter is connected by bridge in the Gothic revival style (created by Hans Rubió, in 1926) to the House of Canons. This building was built in the 14th century and combines elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. One of the facades of the House of Canons goes on Carrer paradís. On this street you will find Corinthian columns belonged to a temple of Augustus.

The famous Grand Palace, once the residence of the counts of Barcelona, located on Royal square – Plaza del Rey. Inside the Palace you will find a magnificent throne room Tinel. The chapel of St. Agatha and watch tower of king Martin are also included in the architectural complex of the Royal Palace.

Another Palace on the Royal square – the Palace of the Viceroy. The architectural complex of the Royal square is also the home of Casa Clariana-Padellas, where he currently hosts the history Museum of Barcelona.

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