The great wall of China

The great wall of China

If you haven’t heard about the great wall, then perhaps you live in a different world, because this building survived for millennia on hearing almost every first man on Earth, it is no wonder it is called one of the seven wonders of the world. Just imagine how much time and energy went into the construction of the great wall. Thus, in this version, she really left and continues to be great, affecting the minds of tourists and instilling pride in those who honor the work of their ancestors. However, despite the high importance and attractiveness for tourists now, the story of building the great wall of China at some point, is tragic enough.

The history of the erection

The construction of the wall began in the 4th century BC around the same time as 4 Chinese kingdoms, who needed protection from potential barbarians. Fearing the expansion of the Chinese people, the walls began to build large kingdoms of Qin, Wei, Yan and Zhao. During this period, some pieces of walls were gradually fused together and ultimately merged into one coherent and powerful state, protected by a huge, impenetrable wall. It raised the level of protection of the kingdoms to unprecedented heights, and before the eyes of the invaders appeared, the will of the Chinese people to freedom. It happened when the country was ruled by Qin Shi Huangdi – one of the sons of the Qing dynasty.

During the transition of rule to the Han dynasty, the length of the wall was extended to Dunhuang in the West of the country. On top of it was added to the full line of watchtowers for better tracking of action potential invaders.

It is difficult to imagine that in those days when there were more professional technical equipment, people had to carry heavy buckets or trolleys with clay, and boulders are not just in a straight plane, but the ridges and hills to deliver them to the site, where construction. All was complicated by the fact that it places the erection of the great wall was not laid special roads and trails, and each approach was, you can say debut. I guess that’s why the Great wall of China was built over 10 years. The process attracted about a million people. They used slave labour, and all in order to protect their beloved country and the opportunity to live in a free Kingdom.

But after a while the smooth and quiet reign in China, crossed in the 17th century, the Great wall, the Manchu Qing dynasty launched a kind of process of self-destruction of the wall, just not taking care of her. More than two hundred years the Great wall collapsed because of a banal indifference, but worsened the situation vandalism, already inherent in our time (19-20 century).

“Thank you” for update wall of China can say to Dan Xiaoping, who in 1984 began the restoration of buildings in order to preserve it as cultural heritage.

Wall as an architectural monument

The great wall of China is one of the largest architectural monuments, and its length is not any, and almost 9 thousand kilometers on the Northern edge of China. According to recent estimates the total length of the great structures based on various branches is on the order of 21 thousand kilometers.

Wall of China is a comprehensive building-the fortress, built on a unique technology of ancient China. The main purpose of the great wall was not to allow the enemy into the territory of the Kingdom, and to have the opportunity to observe, keep watch for potential invaders.

One of the seven wonders of the world

Being one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great wall has plenty of stories and myths. For example, one of the most important assumptions is that it is a long massive building can be seen while on the moon. To this day this myth was matched more than once and still causes skeptical thoughts from knowledgeable people, but sensitive and romantic person prefer to believe that it is indeed possible.

The same or even greater doubt is the claim that the Chinese wall can be seen from earth orbit, but it is not less than 160 kilometers from the earth’s surface. Knowing people in this business say that, if it is possible, only under certain conditions. However, like any other man-made structures.

When the Great Chinese wall and its history have been studied, and representatives of the scientific community to agree that she is truly one of the wonders of the world, and it happened in 1987, the architectural monument was included in the world Heritage list of UNESCO.

But have been around Chinese walls and more incredible myths and legends. For example, is quite viable, though untrue, was the myth that the wall was built at a time!

Not without Chinese symbols. According to the ancient belief that the builders could properly lay wall of China, the way they pointed out a large fire dragon.

From sad stories we can recall the legend of a poor woman Meng Jing Niu, who came to mourn her husband, who worked on the construction of the walls-the fortress and the tears woman collapsed, freeing from captivity stone bones of the man, allowing his wife to bury a loved one. In a sense, it’s kind of romantic and shows that the Great wall was considered not just as a defensive structure but as a living creature, able to hear his people, individually.

Add to this tragedy, and many stories about how great the site builders died, and now it can be assumed that their souls, together with the wall to protect China from foreign invasions.

Tourist route

Not surprisingly, this Grand building has won numerous attention from tourists nowadays. More than 40 million people annually visit China in order to visit the great wall of China, pass along the Northern border of China, enjoy a local flavor. The Chinese themselves annually arrange athletics wall of China marathon, for some time, becoming like a sentinel watching over the family borders.

The great wall is a unique structure. And, despite the fact that it is situated in China, is truly a world heritage.

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