The most famous Gothic buildings in Moscow

It is believed that as such the medieval Gothic style in Russia was not, however, according to historians, the first Gothic elements in Russian architecture was used by Vasily Bazhenov in the construction of the Palace in Tsaritsyno. In Moscow and several other buildings with a recognizable Gothic elements. An overview of seven such structures lead “the Moscow news” .

The mansion of Savva Morozov, street Spiridonovka, 17

Built in 1898 by architect Shekhtel for millionaire and his new wife, literally stolen them from the nephew. The Gothic style building was designed to emphasize the close relationship Morozova with England, where he spent the years of study. Inside the mansion were decorated by Mikhail Vrubel, but to see the interior only on special tours of moskomnasledie. According to one version, three-sided window of the former Morozov mansion Margarita flew to the ball to Woland.

Pharmacy Ferraina, Nikolskaya ulitsa, 21

At the time, was the largest in Europe. From the street the facade is in neo-Baroque style and overlooking the courtyard part of the building looks like a real Gothic castle with a tower clock. This amazing appearance pharmacy came as a result of the restructuring of the old building at the end of the nineteenth century. The interiors of the pharmacy are also impressed: marble staircases, ceilings with moldings, huge the chandeliers, and on the second floor visitors are greeted by a stuffed bear.

The house of the Moscow Polytechnic society, Small kharitonievsky lane, 4

Built in 1905 for the society of graduates of the Imperial technical school. The Gothic style of the building was chosen not by chance, it is a certain homage to England – the country that gave the world the most technological discoveries. After the revolution the building, floor by floor, taking various Communist organizations – too tempting was the best in Moscow the courtroom.

Mansion of Baron A. L. knop, kolpachny pereulok, 5, building 2

At the time, was the only building in Moscow with the tower, making it look like a fortress. Baron Knoop was a rich man, a monopoly in the textile market, even folded saying: “as no Church – it’s pop that neither the factory – the Button”. The Gothic appearance of the mansion sent to close commercial ties with England, several English factories worked exclusively on enterprise knop.

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Starosadsky lane, 7

Baron Knoop and his family were parishioners standing nearby Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, one of the largest Lutheran parishes in Russia. Its Gothic exterior of the Cathedral is due to the architect A. Meinhardt involved in the restructuring of the construction in the 1860-ies. The fate of the tragic: in Soviet times, the Church spire was cut down, and in the building was a cinema. The restoration is still.

The Church of the Immaculate conception of the virgin Mary, Malaya Gruzinskaya street, 27/13

The biggest Catholic Cathedral in Russia, built in the early XX century in the image of the Cathedral at Westminster, on the streets of Moscow looks quite exotic. A building permit, which had to specifically ask Nicholas I, was given with the condition of erecting a Cathedral without external sculpture and away from the city centre. However, as the Moscow center itself “came” to the Cathedral.

Was built in the late nineteenth century to overgrown by this time the British community. The project was sent straight from England by architect Richard Neil Fridman, nothing more not famous. The most charming detail of the decoration of the Cathedral are two figures of angels above the entrance. They are holding branches of a Thistle, is an important symbol in Scottish heraldry.

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