The most mysterious ancient buildings

The most mysterious ancient buildings

We still can not comprehend some of the mysteries left by the ancestors. Such mysteries include the mystical ancient buildings, which we describe. The pyramids of Giza are the youngest and the most studied of this series.

The stone circles of Göbekli Tepe, Turkey

Gobekli Tepe is one of the oldest structures in the world. His age is about 12,000 years old! It was once believed that the most ancient and advanced civilization – Egyptian, but a temple complex in Turkey that makes us look at history with different eyes. It is unknown as 12 thousand years ago, people who did not know the wheel, could build such amazing buildings. This makes Göbekli Tepe one of the most important archaeological finds in the world.

Gobekli Tepe is a Neolithic temples in the form of stone circles, lying on the top of the ridge. They are composed of well-polished and fitted stones. Circles reach 30 meters in diameter, and within each of them is T-shaped sculpture, on which you can see carved in stone images of animals and birds. The existence of this amazing building was known in the 1960s, however, archaeologists began to conduct more rigorous research only in 1994.

Near the Neolithic temples archaeologists have found no traces of ancient settlements, nor remains of dwellings, or even graves. Therefore, it is possible to assume that here was the place of pilgrimage of the nomadic communities that lived within a radius of hundreds of miles away from Gobekli Tepe. At the same time, move the gigantic stones of which was built the complex, meant that thousands of people – this suggests that some nomadic tribes have joined forces for construction. Gobekli Tepe was used for about 4000 years and was abandoned in the 8th century BC, it is Surprising that it is not left in the lurch, and covered with earth to keep intact.

The controversy surrounding the Göbekli Tepe will be more than one decade: it is unclear how people who did not know even of agriculture, was able to build this amazing and huge temple complex without the use of any technological means. Perhaps, the clue of the stone circles in Turkey will help us to find out about the existence of ancient and advanced civilization and realize that was the reason for her sudden disappearance.

The Mound Of New Grange, Ireland

In Ireland there is a huge mound (85 meters in diameter and 11 meters in height), constructed in the form of a hemisphere. It has earthen walls and roof of the large quartz. New Grange is only 5,000 years old, and, of course, time had to have its devastating effect, so it was reconstructed in the mid-twentieth century. Fortunately, the mound has been well preserved inside.

New Grange has only one entrance leading into a long corridor, which leads to transverse the room. In it you can see the huge monoliths, the altar stone and the many niches in the walls, adorned with magnificent carvings of rings and spirals. In ancient times the entrance was reached by a long stone road, walled quartz. Now she was the stone that lay in its beginning. Worth paying attention: a stone covered in the same pattern, and that niches in the walls of the mound.

New Grange is known that in the days of the winter solstice at dawn a ray of sunlight penetrates the interior through a thin slit carved into the monolith over the entrance. The ancient builders didn’t invest in an inch: the beam falls directly on the altar stone, and then lights niche. So far none of the researchers can’t answer the question, by whom and for whom was erected the mound. And if about his appointment there (the crypt, a temple or Observatory), absolutely nothing is known about who were the mysterious builders. The Celts, who attributed the creation of the mound, actually used a ready-made structure to conduct their rites there. These puzzles contributed to the emergence of various Irish legends, which tell that new Grange was the place inhabited by various mythical creatures and even gods.

The pyramids of Giza, the platform of Baalbek and mount Sinai

The pyramids that are in Egypt, were built about 4000-4500 years ago, and their main secret is the way in which they were built, because at that time there was no technology that people use now. However, this written hundreds of volumes, and we will not be staying at the pyramids – they are considered by us only as part of something more grandiose.

The platform of Baalbek is located in Lebanon. 27 gigantic limestone blocks weighing from 300 to 800 tons, which served as the basis for one of the majestic temple that has not survived to our time (much later in Antiquity, they had built other temples). These platforms are called “City of gods” because there is an assumption that once people come in here to offer prayers. At the same time there is eccentric and provocative version that Baalbek was once the launch site for the race that lived on Earth before man appeared reasonable. In any case, the age of the platforms and the construction of the temple has not yet been established, therefore, to do any conclusions early.

Mount Sinai is located in Egypt – this iconic biblical location where God gave Moses the 10 commandments. And four kilometers from it is mount St. Catherine. Both mountains have the correct pyramidal form. Peaks of Sinai and St. Catherine and the two biggest pyramids of Giza symmetric.

Mystery that the pyramids of Giza, Baalbek platform, mount Sinai and mount Catherine is absolutely correct together form an equilateral triangle, the apex of which is “city of the gods”. This pattern was discovered by the researcher Sitchin, who suggested that this triad is an ancient navigation system, in which the walls of the pyramids served a reflecting function. This version is confirmed by the words of NASA Maurice Shatelena, who said that in space, the Egyptian pyramids are clearly visible thanks to the slope of the walls reflecting the radar beams perpendicularly in that case, if they fall at an angle of 38 degrees. This information allows to suggest that Baalbek was able to perform the functions of the landing sites – but we do not know for what. It is clear that something is very large, so to the platform and were transported to the plate in a huge mass.

All this is only speculation, but someone may find in these facts a proof that before the appearance of mankind on Earth there was another, more developed and advanced civilization that disappeared without a trace. In any case, the ancestors left us many mysteries, to understand which will even our descendants.

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