The most mysterious in the world of graves

 Most mysterious in the world of graves

No one living on earth men know not what awaits us after death. In earthly life the human point puts the grave, however, in some cases, even in her deceased cannot find peace. Then you are waiting for the mysterious graves in the world, around which runs a lot of mystic legends.

Rosalia Lombardo (1918 — 1920, Capuchin catacombs in Italy)

At the age of 2 years the girl died of pneumonia. The inconsolable father could not part with the body of his daughter and approached Alfredo Salafia, to the embalmed body of the child. Salafia did a great job (dried skin with a mixture of alcohol and glycerine, replaced the blood in formaldehyde and used salicylic acid to prevent the spread of fungus through the body). As a result the girl’s body in a sealed coffin with nitrogen, it looks like she fell asleep.

Cage dead (Victorian era)

During the Victorian era over the graves erected a metal cage. Their purpose is not exactly known. Some believe that so grave was protected from the destroyers, others think that this was done to ensure that the dead did not come out of their graves.

Tair but Masakado (940, Japan)

This man was a samurai in the Heian period, he became the leader of one of the largest uprisings against the rule of Kyoto. Rebellion suppressed and in 940, the year Masakado beheaded. According to historical Chronicles, samurai head is not rotten three months and all this time quickly rolled his eyes. Then head buried, and later at the burial place was built the city of Tokyo. The grave of Tahir cherish still, as the Japanese believe that if interrupted, it is possible to bring trouble to Tokyo and throughout the country. Now this tomb is the world’s oldest burial site, which is maintained in a perfect cleanliness.

Lilly gray (1881-1958, cemetery salt lake city, USA)

The inscription on the tombstone says “Victim of the beast 666”. Husband of Lilly Elmer gray was named the U.S. government, which he blamed for the death of his wife.

The family vault of the Chase (Barbados)

The family vault of this couple is one of the most mysterious places on the Caribbean Islands. In the early nineteenth century it was several times found that the coffins were moved after they were placed in the crypt, it was found that in the crypt no one had entered. Some coffins were standing upright, others were on the steps at the entrance. In 1820 Governor, the coffins moved to another place, and the entrance to the crypt was closed forever.

Mary Shelley (1797 — 1851 chapel of St Peter, Dorset, England )

In 1822 Mary Shelley was cremated the body of her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley, who died in an accident in Italy. After the cremation among the ashes found intact the heart of a man, his woman took home to England and kept until his death. In 1851, the year Mary died and was buried along with her husband, which she kept in the manuscript “Adonai: Elegy of death.”

The Russian mafia (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Monuments in full growth, established at the graves of the representatives of the criminal world, was seen by many of us. Some of the monuments you can even find camcorders that protect them from vandals.

Inez Clarke (1873 — 1880, Chicago, USA)

In 1880, the year 7-year-old INES died from a lightning strike. By order of the parents on her grave has installed a sculpture-a monument in a cube of Plexiglas. The sculpture is made in the growth of the girls, depicting her sitting on a bench with a flower and an umbrella in his hands.

Kitty Jay (Devon, England)

Little hill overgrown with grass, the locals call the tomb of Jay. At the end of the eighteenth century, kitty Jay has committed suicide, and her grave became a cult site for Ghost hunters. Since suicides could not be buried not in the cemetery, kitty buried at the crossroads so that her soul could not find the path to the afterlife. Still on her grave constantly there are fresh flowers.

Yelizaveta Demidova (1779 — 1818, the cemetery Père Lachaise, Paris, France)

At the age of 14 Elizabeth Demidov was married to the first Prince of San Donato, whom she did not love. Unhappy was one of the richest women of her time, and the legacy of his fortune she bequeathed to the person who will be able to spend a week in her crypt without food. Still no one has done, but because her condition remains unclaimed.

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